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Autumn 2017

With a new team on board, School Council has been discussing the following this month:

  • Lunchtimes – The children are pleased with the new lunchtime arrangements with Pelle and the team providing more structured sporting activities
  • Tuck Shop – We discussed how nutritious the KS2 tuck shop is. The children said that they liked the chocolate milk and the cinnamon buns best but also said that they were ‘sweet and naughty’ and therefore not particularly healthy. The children said that the buns are quite stogy and therefore, often by lunchtime, they are still full from break time, especially when they have more than 1 bun. We discussed initiating a rule of only one each as well as exploring healthier versions of snack foods like fruit cups. Action: Mrs Avendano to remind KS2 staff, the Y6 tuck shop monitors and the children that there is a rule of 1 at tuck shop. And to inform SLT and Mrs McPhail (Healthy Schools) of the worries around the healthiness of the foods on offer and hold a discussion with the kitchen staff of what else we can offer.
  • Houses – The children were in agreement that the changes to the new house point system were working well and that merging house points and merit points together was good. The children felt that it was still important for them to receive achievement certificates at certain milestones. We took an average of what individuals were given each week to help to work out what acceptable milestones would be. We also discussed creating a new house point achievement display – similar to the one below. The children were very keen on having tokens earned and put into the cylinders and then could be spent in certain ways at the end of the term. The children were also enjoying the new house assemblies which they felt were improving house relationships and spurring them on to achieve as a team. Action: Mrs Avendano to liaise with Mr Stone to get the house point 3D display built and to liaise with teachers regarding the accruement of house points for achievement certificates.
  • Curriculum – We discussed the new curriculum topics for the Autumn term and the ‘hook days’ that some classes have already experienced. Y5 were very positive about the Greeks and loved their Greek dress up day. Y4 are looking forward to their trip in the 2nd half of the term. Y3 were enjoying the human body topic and the activities that they had done as part of their launch. Y6 were also enjoying their fairground topic and are looking forward to their Paultons Park visit. Y1 were enjoying the launch of their ‘Elf’ themed topic relating to the Elves and the Shoemaker. Y2 also enjoyed the visit they had relating to their topic and were keen to find out more. Action: Mrs Avendano to feedback specific information to the relevant members of staff.
  • Assemblies – The children were asked to reflect on assemblies. They fed back that they enjoyed the ones where they got to sing, the staff got the children involved, the ones where there were film clips, activities to get involved with. They said that some assemblies were too long and that they would Charlie in more. They found assemblies were they had to do lots of listening boring and didn’t take much from them. Action: Mrs Avendano to feedback to SLT and staff and for improvements to be taken on board.
  • Clubs for the coming year—The children were delighted that their feedback had been taken on-board and were enjoying the new clubs for the term.
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School Council give their views...


School Council have also been busy attending the Working Party for the Norwood Grounds Project. They have attended two meetings already where they have been working alongside staff, parents, Governors and an architect to give their ideas for how to develop the outside areas at Norwood. In the 2nd meeting, they looked at a selection of pictures of different outside spaces and said which would be good for our school and for our children. School Council are keen to be a part of this process and enjoy sharing the children's views for what they would like.