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Fishbourne Roman Palace trip

On Thursday 9th November, Walliams class went on an exciting trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester. When we first got there, we went and visited the gardens which was very similar to how the garden would have been in the Roman times. We got to smell and see plants growing that would be used for a variety of things including cooking and medicines. After that, we got to watch a short video that explained how Fishbourne Roman Palace was originally discovered in the 1960's and what was found. It also showed us what it would have looked like when it was a complete palace. We got to explore the mosaics and even got to see the famous 'Cupid on a Dolphin' mosaic that we have started looking at in class for our art topic. Luckily enough, we also got to try some Roman style food!

After lunch, we went to a Roman Life workshop where we all got to dress as Romans in togas and explore a range of activities. We tried spinning wool, making mosaics and even writing our names in Latin. Two lucky children were chosen to dress up as the Emperor and his cousin in their posh and extravagant clothing!

We had a great day and learnt even more information about the Romans!