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Our learning Spring 2

We have been carrying on with our Bridges topic focussing on the Geography of Great Britain including where the bodies of water can be found and the bridges that span these. We've also been thinking about what the purpose of these bridges is.


In English we have been reading all about Little Wolf's trail through the Forbidden Forest. In writing, we have been writing newspaper reports about Shrek's dangerous adventure over the bridge outside the castle and we are creating Twisted Tales about The Three Billy Goat's Gruff...all is not as it seems!


In Maths, we are using place value counters to help us work out tricky addition and subtraction problems and some of us are starting to use the partitioning method as well. We've looked at using our knowledge of fractions to solve problems and are also discussing how best to present data in bar charts and pictograms.


We are enjoying swimming lessons at Places Leisure and Mrs Le Page is very proud to say that every member of Morpurgo Class is now swimming!


Keep up the good work Morpurgo Class.