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Our Vision

Our Vision is that we all:

Love learning;

Are active learners who set our own goals and targets, and work hard to achieve them;

Explore, discover, enjoy and extend our own unique gifts and talents;

Are fully involved in the life of the school and the community;

Develop resilience, are reflective and self-confidence

Enjoy behaving well, showing respect, caring and supporting for others;

Embrace opportunities for collaboration and cooperation within school and the wider community;

Fulfil our potential through  progress and achieving to the best of our ability;

Strive for excellence and have high aspirations and expectations.

We aim to achieve this by creating:

A school which has children and learning at the heart of everything we do.

A school where moral, social, spiritual, and cultural development underpins academic excellence;

Inspirational learning opportunities which build skills for life;

Meaningful, motivating and memorable teaching which excites imaginations and inspires dreams;

An inclusive curriculum which provides a range of opportunities in which to participate and excel, within and beyond the school day;

A culture that enthuses and empowers everyone to extend their own learning;

A listening school where children and adults know their views are important, respected and acted on;

An ethos where everyone loves to be together and shares a passion for learning

A warm, positive environment where we value effort, recognise success and celebrate achievements;

Opportunities for a supportive climate for us all to develop with leadership at all levels

A sense of team where we all feel valued and respected;