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Stargazing sleepover!

Our Stargazing sleepover Science topic Launch

In the first week of the new term we launched our topic on Space with a stargazing sleepover. We came back to school for 7 and we were going to look at the stars. Sadly, it was thick cloud - but we could still see the stars using a star map app. We had to complete some ispy tasks to find different constellations. We were amazed that the sun was underneath the floor!


This really whetted our appetites for space and we came up with loads of questions about what we want to investigate and learn about during the coming weeks.


Then we went inside and had some hot chocolate as we had got very cold. We could then choose to play board games or watch a movie. Before we knew it, it was 10:00! So we got ready for bed and spent some time reading a bedtime book and then we snuggled down and went to sleep. Mrs Godwin and our other teachers had to wake us up at 7:30am on Saturday morning. We then got packed and dressed and had breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolats, yoghurt and fruit. Just before hometime we got to go out for a run round and we played some games. It was a great experience.