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Walliams Class went to Stubbington from Monday 22nd January to Friday 26th January 2018. We all had the most amazing time! Below are our daily updates and a selection of photos from our trip!


Monday 22nd January

The children have had a busy but great first day! After the grand tour and unpacking, we had our first meal which was delicious! We spent our afternoon walking along the beach, collecting a range of shells and thinking about flood defences along the sea, which links to our natural disasters topic. After dinner, we wrote our postcards home and had an interesting talk about the nature we can expect to find throughout the week, particularly at the hide on Wednesday night. For supper, we had our first taste of the famous Stubbington biscuits and they were delicious! We are all tired out and looking forward to (hopefully) a good night’s sleep and the activities tomorrow!


Tuesday 23rd January
After a great first night’s sleep, we had a filling breakfast before our first room inspection. Some of us achieved good scores for the first day, whilst some of us need to keep practising our folding skills! We were very lucky today as we were visited by Mrs Diskin and Mrs Francis this morning and later on one of our governors, Mrs Mason, who all came to see how much fun we were having! Our morning activity was very egg-citing as we begun by working in teams on challenges to earn counters that would allow us to buy materials from the 'egg-streme shop'. The better we worked as a team, the more counters we could earn. With these materials, we had to protect a raw egg so it wouldn't crack or smash as it was catapulted across the field. Luckily, no one's egg broke!
In the afternoon, we had to be animal detectives! We had to search around the Stubbington conservation area to see what signs of animal life we could find. We found a range of holes, belonging to foxes and mice, as well as bark scratchings and potential footprints. To ensure there is animal life, we have set up mammal hotels for the night to see if we can attract any visitors to study tomorrow morning. We ensured the hotels were luxurious by providing food, juicy fruit and a warm bed for our potential visitors. Walliams Class are looking forward to opening them up in the morning to see what we have caught!
This evening, we were treated to a talk by a wildlife photographer who showed us a range of photos he had taken of various animals.
We are now all very tired and looking forward to a good night's sleep before another exciting, busy day tomorrow!


Wednesday 24th January 
Was a rainy day here in Stubbington but we did not let that dampen our fun or our spirits. After another dormitory inspection, most of us improved our room scores due to improved folding and bed making! (Let’s hope it continues at home!!) We begun the day with looking at our mammal hotels to see if we had any visitors. Out of the 12 we put out, 6 had their doors closed and 5 of those had visitors! We were lucky enough to be able to look up close and personal with 4 long-tailed field mice and a bank vole. We learnt about their features and adaptations, whilst comparing the different mammals we found. In the afternoon, we tackled the famous Earthquake in teams! We had to use our teamwork skills to work out way across different obstacles, whilst carrying a range of equipment. Some were trickier than others due to the rain! Before finishing, we all had the opportunity to have a go at lava leap! Most people made it across safely, a couple got their feet wet and only one us went right in! Walliams class had so much fun doing this activity, we did not let the rain deter or stop us! This evening, we got to make some clay animals of the different ones we could find at Stubbington. Before supper, we played a game where we had to find pirates hidden round the site to ask their alibies to see who stole the treasure! We then held a court case to see if they were guilty! After supper, we had our turn at the hide. Unfortunately, we only had a passing fox who didn't stay long. We were disappointed that we did not see a badger! We are looking forward to our last full day tomorrow and can't believe we are over half way through!



Thursday 25th January 
Today was our last full day at Stubbington and we had the best weather we've had all week! We started off the day spending the morning at the beach with a seashore experience. In groups, we set up our own rockpools and kept a close eye on the creatures observing how they moved throughout the morning. Whilst this was happening, we also went fossil hunting! We found a range of fossils, including shark's teeth! Our last activity at the beach was some art and sculpting. We had to use the natural resources on the beach to create artwork related to natural disasters, our current topic! We had to be creative to be judged the best!
After lunch, we had our daily trip to the tuck shop, where some of us spent most of our money after saving up all week. In the afternoon, we ‘flew’ on Stubbington Airways but unfortunately the plane crashed on a tropical island! In teams, we had to build shelters to protect us from the sun, wind and rain. We even tested them against the rain! Some of us bravely tested them out. For the rest of the afternoon, we were in the Conservation Area and experienced 'Earthwalks'. We were all given a mirror to put under our nose and walk around the area, which really confused our brains! We created natural colour palettes with the items found and then in pairs, we met a tree. One of us was blindfolded and our partners had to lead us to a tree for us to feel before moving us away so we could guess which tree we had met. We had our last free time and house challenges, which involved a last song practise before the 'S Factor'. After dinner, we continued writing in our diaries and all attended the singing competition. We thoroughly enjoyed getting up and showing off the songs we had written and been learning all week. We are all looking forward to coming home tomorrow so that we can share our experiences and all the fun activities we have been up to! Many of us really don't want to leave, we have had SOOO much fun!