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Summer 2017

It continues to be our mission to get a sense of pupil voice in the school. These are some of the things that we have been discussing this month:

  • Having a say in our new class names— School Council gave their vote whether class names should be more permanent and the majority were in favour of this. They presented some of their ideas around class names including: Trains, flowers, birds, book characters, go back to artists and inventors. Action: Mrs Avendano will take these back to the Senior Leadership team where a decision will be made!
  • The buddy bench—The children felt this was tired and didn’t get used for what it is there for anymore. Action: It was decided that we would purchase a buddy stop that would be manned by current Y5’s initially, would help children who are struggling with finding someone to play with and initiate them in their play.
  • Bookmarks for reading awards —The children felt that bookmarks in KS2 were working more than reading diaries but that their organisation needed to be done centrally. Action: Mrs Avendano will put the bookmarks in wallets outside of her room for children to take as necessary and then they can submit their completed ones in the same place. Mrs Avendano will keep a record and then reading badges will be awarded as appropriate in assembly. We decided to start afresh in September.
  • Clubs for next year—The children felt that there was a good selection of clubs on offer at Norwood but some additions like: more sports clubs, gardening, art & crafts, ICT/computing, science, DT and chess club would all be good additions. Action: Mrs Avendano will take back the list to staff and see whether we can accommodate these new clubs into the yearly club overview. Mrs Curtis is already on the case to see whether we can organise some new sporting opportunities for the new year!