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Young Interpreters

The Young Interpreters are a team of children, all whom have English as an additional language. They are dedicated to helping children within the school who have little or no English through play and activities which promote English speaking or understanding of things going on as the Young Interpreters are able to speak to them in their first language, connecting with them and helping them to make sense of the school systems and instructions. The Young Interpreters have been trained in many of the skills that they possess and have built long lasting relationships with the children who they work with. During their time as Young Interpreters they have given tours of the school, helped parents to access workshops, parents evening or just to speak to the teacher if they have poor English themselves, they read with the younger members of the school, are always available on the playground for support and are key in raising the profile of other languages, cultures and religions within the school.

This year, we intend to keep doing all of the activities as noted above and also develop the role of arts and crafts in promoting the understanding and speaking of English.

You can find all of the minutes on here should you want to find out more.