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Scratch is free to download and this week's lesson will explain how to use 'Scratch'

If you are having trouble accessing Scratch, there are some alternatives to have a go at listed below:    - explore some coding projects and activities  -

Swift Playgrounds app    - If you have an Apple Mac or iPad, Swift Playgrounds has a lot of puzzles and concepts to try and learn

Code Monster     - This is a useful website to get a good understanding of code  -

Scratch Lessons 4 and 5 - Crab maze game (Tasks are on each slide)

Lesson 6 - Staying safe on the internet

Scratch computing task - If you are struggling to use Scratch this video will help you

This video shows you some clear examples of how to use Scratch and master some of key parts of coding. Please use this to begin with if you want to work your way onto the Year 5 computing task