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Curriculum Activities

Curriculum Activities


To support your child’s education whilst we are all off school at this time, we have put together some ideas for you to do together at home.


· Read at least one book with your child every day. As you read it discuss what you can see in the pictures and ask them to see what they can spot. You might want to try using different voices for some of the characters. If the story has a repeated refrain, for example, Fee Fi Fo Fum encourage your child to say it with you.


· See how many Nursery Rhymes you can learn and sing them together. You might want to make up some extra verses to go with them.


· Try to write your name-remember that we use a Capital letter for the beginning of the name and lower case letters for the rest of the name.


· Try learning to sing the alphabet.


· Every day see how many different things that you can count. For example, tins of beans or shoes.