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Norwood Primary School

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Day 2

Today was another busy yet fun day at Stubbington. Fortunately, we were blessed with sunshine for most of the day which made it even better! In the morning, both classes took turns to do some Orienteering and Shelter Building. Orienteering needed us to set a bearing on a compass and use this to direct which letter we needed to walk to next. It was tricky to read the tiny marks on the dial but we persevered like Determinator and soon we could get “Fred to lie in his bed!” For shelter building, we had to imagine we were on a tropical desert island and were tasked with constructing a shelter that would keep us safe from animals as well as keeping us dry. Though the shelters were tested very well by our teachers and their cups of water, we’re pleased to say that most of us remained dry!
After lunch, we looked at some animal tracks and trails as we searched for signs of mammal life in the Conservation area. There were plenty of fox and deer prints in the mud and even some tufts of badger fur. We then discussed what a small mammal would like in its hotel room, before we then made some 5 Star rooms using hay, guinea pig food and tasty apple. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that a small mammal chooses our hotel rooms to stay in – we find out tomorrow!!! Once we had listened to a fascinating wildlife talk from a photographer who showed us all his amazing photos this evening, it was then time for supper before drifting off to bed to dream of tiny mice in beds of hay.