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Norwood Primary School

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Day 3

After a good night’s sleep, we got ourselves ready for another fun and egg-citing day at Stubbington. (The joke will make sense later…)


The sun was shining over us this our morning as we trekked to Badger Bog and Murky Marsh to collect our small mammal hotels. Feeling very excited, we carefully carried our hotels back to the classrooms and watched with baited breath as they were opened. Murray Class were lucky enough to have three lodgers in their hotels and Daintree Class had five small visitors. All eight of these small mammals were Long Tailed Field Mice, and we had a lot of fun measuring them, weighing them and giving them names. After a break, we returned to sketch our new friends and label a scientific diagram. Happily, we released the mice back into the conservation area, where they scurried into the bushes and log piles. We hope they’ll give our small mammal hotels a 5-star rating on trip advisor!


Once we had finished lunch, we went to complete some more team game activities. For Murray Class, they bravely battled the fearsome Earthquake obstacle course. Here, they needed to use all their Collaborator powers to collectively pass all the rescue equipment over, around and under the obstacles. It was tough at times but we all managed to challenge ourselves and were proud of our achievements. Some of the equipment was bulky or difficult to move as one person, so our team work shone through. Over in Daintree Class, they were faced with the Egg-Streme Challenge. They needed egg-cellent team work skills and egg-stremely well collaboratively to protect an egg from a catapult launch. (We also grew egg-ceedingly tired of Miss Bennett’s egg puns.) After working hard in groups to earn tokens from various challenges, we then bought some egg protecting equipment from the Egg Shop. Counting back from three, our eggs were fired from the catapult to test our constructions.


This evening, it was the turn of Murray Class to egg-splore the hide. As quiet as mice they waited, and were lucky to see badgers and foxes feasting on our leftovers. We are half way through the week and have had so much fun already!