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Day 4

Our final full day at Stubbington began with clear blue skies and some sunshine, which was wonderful! In the morning, both classes were pleased to hear they’d be returning to the beach again as they enjoyed it on Monday. This time though, our focus was on the animal life that lived in the intertidal zone. This is a really difficult area for animals to live because they need to be able to survive in a water-covered environment and one that can be dry. There are also lots of predators who can eat them too!


Firstly, we made our own rockpools and introduced creatures we could find in the intertidal zone. Most of us found oysters, slipper limpets and periwinkles too – all examples of univalve and bivalve shells. There were sea anemones to see along the wall too, and we thought they looked like squishy jelly. You have to be careful not to touch them when their fronds are out though or you will get a prickly sting like a nettle! After this, we searched for fossils along the beach too. Some of us found turritella that were between 35 – 50 million years old! Sadly, none of us found a shark’s tooth this year, although there were so many rocks that looked like a shark tooth!


Following our exciting morning, and a delicious lunch, we went to complete further team game activities. Today was Daintree Class’s turn to take on Earthquake and carry the rescue equipment around the obstacle course. There were lots of opportunities to really push themselves and complete challenges they hadn’t thought they could! Collaborator and Determinator really shone through this afternoon and the children did themselves proud with their support for each other. For Murray Class, they were tasked with building an eggcellent container in which to protect their egg. Thankfully Miss Harding didn’t have any egg puns, so they were able to complete lots of challenges to earn plenty of tokens. With these tokens earned, they had to spend and budget wisely to purchase equipment from the Egg Shop. All five eggs survived their catapulting and the children were very pleased.


This evening, there was the incredible and world-famous S Factor talent show. It was a close competition but the winning house was Owls, followed by Kestrels, Foxes then Badgers. We really enjoyed singing our songs and coming up with actions!


Time for our last sleep before a busy morning that includes our last activity and packing!