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A writing idea...


If you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to write, one thing that my son has been doing is writing a shared story with some friends of his. He writes a paragraph and then I will send a photo of his paragraph and illustration, along with a video of him reading it, to his friend's mum. That friend then writes the next paragraph of the story and so on. We are doing this with a group of three 7 year old boys and they are all really enjoying adding their ideas to the story, and waiting to hear how their friends will have moved the story on. We hope to print their pages as a photobook at the end of their time away from school as a keepsake. Just an idea...

The English activities found in the files above are always linked to the Guided Reading activities, so it would be great to have a look at both at some time over the week. We will still be putting a selection of English activities on every week, but remember also, that any writing you can do, will be helpful to continue to develop your writing skills and consider punctuation, spelling, grammar and vocabulary choices. So as well as any of the tasks that we put on the website, you could always do one of the following:

* Write a lockdown diary

* Write a story (perhaps for a friend or a brother or sister)

* Write a letter to a friend or family member that you could put in the post

* Write a song

* Create a code-breaker letter / challenge

* Create fact-files about a topic that interests you

* Even writing the shopping list will help you to practise your spelling and handwriting!