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I saw a post online and thought it would be perfect for you all, I've edited it slightly:


What we are experiencing at the moment is living history. We are all part of it, and this will be spoken about for generations to come. Instead of learning out the Tudors or Egyptians, future children will be learning about 'When the world stopped for a few weeks.'

Schools are closed; sports are cancelled; people are on lockdown... on a global level.


The best thing we can do over the coming weeks is to keep a journal.


Handwritten, typed, in photographs, or drawings... record events, day to day activities, fears and feelings. Make a video journal if you'd prefer.


Interview your family (call your relatives - I'm sure they'd appreciate the call too), interview your friends (however you choose to communicate) but get it all down.


When this is all over, keep it safe, or ask your parents to keep it safe. Because one day you will share it with your own children or grandchildren. The history you lived - and they won't believe it. And you may not even remember some of it.


Create your own piece of history - a primary source for the future.

Year 5&6 Statutory Words

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