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Not a Stick - Our Guided Reading text this week. Read by Mrs Coull

Published by HarpercollinsUse with our Guided reading this week.

Handwriting Week Beginning 18.1.21

English-toy fact files Lesson 3 13.1.21

Use this video to help you say your sentences to get ready for writing tomorrow.

Monday 11.1.21 Phonics

Work with Mrs Rogers to learn about different ways to pronounce the letter 'i' in words.(Recorded with

See the PDF below for a further challenge if required.

Tuesday 12.1.21 Phonics

Join Mrs Rogers for today's phonics, learning different ways that we say the letter 'o'.(Recorded with

Use the PDF file below if you would like a further activity or challenge.

Wednesday 13.1.21 Phonics Tricky Words

Join with Mrs Rogers to focus on six different tricky words and get some ideas for how to practise spelling them.(Recorded with

Use the PDF below for the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' activity.

Thursday 14.1.21 Phonics

Join in with Mrs Rogers to learn about the hard sounds and soft sounds made by the letters g and c.(Recorded with

See PDF files for the g and c sorting games if required.

Friday 14.1.21 Phonics

Work with Mrs Rogers to find out two new ways of saying the letter u in words.(Recorded with

See PDF below for sorting card words if required.

Handwriting 11.1.21