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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School


Welcome to our School Gallery

Norwood has a vibrant and exciting school curriculum. Each term teachers plan topics of learning around a specific theme or question. At the beginning of a topic children's existing ideas and understanding of the areas of study are explored. Children's ideas and existing understanding is then used to craft and design the learning to meet their interests and needs. To hook, engage and sustain children's interest in a topic teachers design topic launch days that provide an exciting platform for the children to begin their learning.

In addition to the topic based curriculum we enhance the children's learning experience through the celebration of cultural and religious festivals, sporting events, dance and music productions, community and charity work and joint experiences with our collaboration school, The Crescent.

The school is proud to have a strong relationship with The Point and Eastleigh Baptist Church.




We hope you enjoy looking at our gallery which should give you a flavour of life in our school.