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Guided Reading

Don't forget that just like with your writing, any reading that you can do, or discussion of texts will be helpful to continue to practise those reading skills. You may still have books at home that you haven't read, or would like to re-read, you could read from various children's websites, you could read a text from the selection at Oxford Owl, or listen to a story on Audible (Amazon - free for a month) and discuss it with a family member. Maybe you could help any younger brothers or sisters to practise their reading as well. Enjoy reading, whenever you can!


 Go to our main Curriculum Activities page to have a watch and a listen and find out what happened to Stanley Yelnats! laugh

I would be really interested to know if anybody is listening so if you are, or you plan to, please could you "like" the video, or send me a quick e-mail to let me know. Thank you!