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Adding and subtracting w/c 18/1/21

Hello lovely year 5! We have loved seeing all the work you are sending in and have been really pleased to hear that you are finding our videos helpful.

This week, I did have some technical issues recording some of the videos. frown I have done my best but please remember you can email in any questions to Mr Moore, Mrs Beanland or myself if you are unsure. 

We can't wait to see what you would choose to add to the adventure playground if you were in charge! Make sure you send us your answers. Enjoy!

Monday - Making a whole

Tuesday and Wednesday - Adding

Please complete this lesson over two days this week as it is an investigation.

Thursday and Friday - Adding and Subtracting

1* Watch the 1 star video to explain the tasks for both Thursday and Friday. You are continuing to practise adding from last lesson. There is also a challenge for the end of the week if you would like to give it a go. laugh

**/*** Watch the video. Please complete this lesson over two days as there are lots of different questions to work through. There is a Friday challenge to have a go at as well. Use your adding and subtracting skills to find the missing numbers. smiley

Previous week

Decimals - w/c 11/1/21

This week, we are moving on to decimals. We did the cold task on Monday in class and you marked it yourself.

If you found that task tricky, have a go at the 1* which uses money to help you to understand decimals. 

If you got the first part of the cold task correct, have a go at the ** task.

If you are feeling confident, have a go at the *** tasks.


When you have completed your work, we have included the answers for some tasks so that you can mark them and see how you have done. Remember, you can email us any questions or change the level of the work you are doing if you are finding it too easy or too tricky. 

We look forward to seeing the work you have completed when you send it to year5a@norwood.hants.sch.uksmiley


Monday - Identifying decimals
Tuesday - Comparing decimals

Wednesday - Comparing decimals

There is no video for **/*** today as you are using the learning we have done so far this week in a different way.

Also, If you are completing ** task, there are a few levels on the worksheet. Choose the one that you think is right for you.

Also when you have completed your work, you can use the answers to mark them at home and see how you have done.  

Thursday - Rounding decimals
Friday - Decimal problem solving