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Below is a link to White Rose Maths who are kindly adding daily maths video tutorials and worksheets. There is also a helpful photo at the bottom of the page too to guide you further.


The videos clearly explain the task and should support you without having myself or Mrs C in the room with you.  


WARNING: Do not get frustrated with anything! If you can't do it, either leave it and come back to it, or note it down and when we go back to normal, we can address it then. There is plenty on this page to keep you busy.


Also remember you do maths at home without even realising it, keep it up:

Telling the time, shopping with coins and notes (might need to have pretend shops at home), timestable activities, cooking (weighing, capacity of liquids, adjusting recipes is ratio), fractions (sharing your food/sweets etc into equal sections), board games, dice rolling (see the link below to see a range of dice games)


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Daily Maths Lessons:

Each lesson comes with a video tutorial and a two page activity sheet (and, not for peeking, an answer sheet).

Week 1: Ratio & Scale factor (not yet taught but very similar to ratio)

Week 2: Scale factor & Angles


If you have any issues with accessing the page or work, please email and ask.

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