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Listen again to some of the poems from the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae which is available on this link:

Pause the video on a page of your choice. Can you count all of the sea creatures on that page? How many would there be if 1 sea creature swam away? What if 2 sea creatures swam away?


We are now going to practise subtracting numbers by taking one number away from another. Place the cut-out sea creatures and number cards in front of you. Pick up two cards (making sure that at least one of the cards is a number less than 10) and say which number is the highest and the lowest. Take away the lower number from the higher number by counting out the higher number using the sea creatures and then making the lower number of sea creatures swim away. Count how many are left to find your answer. You could then write a number sentence or draw pictures to show what you did.


For example:

9 - 6 = 3


Use the sheet (below) to help you to write your subtraction number sentences.