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Monday Guided Reading Video

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Video of English flipchart


Maths video of flipchart

The link below is the sticker challenges for today's maths lesson. These are designed for the 4* group (**** on the main sheet) but can be tried by anyone who would like to challenge themselves. Please ignore the fact they have saved in duplicate!


WALT: understand the patterns and symmetry used in bridges and build these using different forms


Last week in art you sketched your favourite bridge. Today, I would like you to either choose the same bridge or a different bridge and make it using a different medium. Sketch it first so you have an idea of size and design. You could choose:

- Pasta / spaghetti

- String

- Sticks / stones

- Wax crayons and paint

- Straws

- Or something else of your choice

If you haven't got access to any of these things, as a last resort, you could use something like Lego but it would be fascinating to see what you can come up with and how imaginative you can be! Please make sure that you check with your parents / carers first.


We can't wait to see what you come up with!