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Stubbington Update - Day 2

After a good first night’s sleep with some of us waking up early, we had a filling breakfast before our first room inspection. Some of us achieved pretty good scores for the first day, whilst some of us need to keep practising our folding and bed making skills!                

Our morning activity was very egg-citing as we begun by working in teams on challenges to earn counters that would allow us to buy materials from the 'egg-streme shop'. The better we worked as a team, the more counters we could earn. With these materials, we had to protect a raw egg so it wouldn't crack or smash as it was catapulted across the field. We had great fun using all the materials, such as wadding, newspaper and bubble wrap, to help us protect the egg. Surprisingly, no one's egg broke!                                                                    

In the afternoon, we had to be animal detectives! We had to search around the Stubbington conservation area to see what signs of animal life we could find to prove to the council that wildlife is found here to stop them building a car park. We found a range of holes, belonging to foxes and badgers, as well as bark scratchings and potential footprints. To ensure there is animal life, we have set up mammal hotels for the night to see if we can attract any visitors to study tomorrow morning. We ensured the hotels were luxurious by providing food, juicy fruit and a warm bed for our potential visitors. We are all looking forward to opening them up in the morning to see what we have caught! Fingers crossed for a range of mice and voles!                          

This evening, we were treated to a talk by a famous wildlife photographer who showed us a range of photos he had taken of various animals. Some of them made us laugh whilst others were of adorable animals!

We are now all very tired and looking forward to a good night's sleep before another exciting, busy day tomorrow which includes opening up our hotels to see if we have any guests and the extremely famous earthquake!!