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Stubbington Update - Day 3

It was another beautiful, sunny day here in Stubbington! After another dormitory inspection, most of us improved our room scores due to improved folding and bed making! (Let’s hope it continues at home!!)  

We began the day with looking at our mammal hotels to see if we had any visitors. Out of the 10 we put out, 2 had their doors closed and unfortunately only 1 had a visitor! It was a long-tailed field mouse which we named Toffee.  We learnt about their features and adaptations, and compared this to other mammals. We also had the opportunity to sketch it. During the morning, we had visits from Mrs Williamson and Mrs Mason.

 In the afternoon, we tackled the famous Earthquake in teams! We had to use our teamwork skills to work out way across different obstacles, whilst carrying a range of equipment. Some were trickier than others due to the difficulty! We had the pleasure of Mrs Diskin and Mrs Francis visiting us this afternoon who cheered us round the obstacles and helped some face their fears! Before finishing, we all had the opportunity to have a go at lava leap! Most people made it across safely and quite a few got their feet wet! This has been our favourite activity so far and one we will never forget. This evening, we continued writing our diaries to document our week here.

Before supper, we played a game where we had to find pirates hidden round the site to ask their alibies to see who stole the treasure! We then held a court case to see if they were guilty! After supper, we had our turn at the hide. We were incredibly lucky and got to see 4 badgers at once eating our leftovers! There was also a shy fox at the back of the green area. We are looking forward to our last full day tomorrow and can't believe we are over half way through!