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Stubbington Update - Day 4

Today was our last full day at Stubbington and the amazing weather continued! Due to a timetable change, we started off our day by playing the famous game Stubbington Fox. We learnt all about foxes and their threats before we were let loose in the conservation area with a map to find tags. However, we had to be stealthy and on the lookout because Farmer McNeill was patrolling the area, trying to stamp us! Some of us got caught several times whilst one pair avoided the farmer for the whole game. Just before lunch we got to ‘build a tree’. We acted out the different parts of a tree and we all had an important part. One of us had to be the strong heartwood, one of us was the root that anchored the tree in. The rest of us was either roots, the leafy layer or the trunk. We had so much fun acting this out with sound effects.

After lunch, we had our daily trip to the tuck shop, where some of us spent most of our money after saving up all week.                                                                             In the afternoon, we ended up on a tropical island! In teams, we had to build shelters to protect us from the sun, wind and rain. We even tested them against the rain! We all got to test them where a few stayed dry but majority of us got wet!

For the rest of the afternoon, we had to use all our teamwork skills that we have learnt over the week. One activity involved us wearing blacked-out goggles  and we had to lead each other along a course with different obstacles. The leader at the front had to communicate what was coming up but just their sense of touch! The other activity involved transporting medicine around the adventure playground and working as a team to not spill any or fall off!

                                                                                                                                           We had our last free time and house challenges, which involved a last song practise before the 'S Factor'. After dinner, we begun packing and all attended the singing competition. We thoroughly enjoyed getting up and showing off the songs we had written and been learning all week. We are all looking forward to coming home tomorrow so that we can share our experiences and all the fun activities we have been up to!                               

Many of us really don't want to leave, we have had SOOO much fun!