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Norwood Primary School

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Remote Learning 18.02.22

Work for Friday 18th February


The year 6 team are sad not to see you today for the last day of this half term but we hope you will enjoy completing all of the activities below.


Please stay safe today and then have a lovely half term!  Don't forget, Monday 28th February is an INSET day, so we will look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 1st of March for MADD (Music Art Dance and Drama) week.


We were due to send you a flyer today -  please could you bring in an old shirt or apron to cover your clothes for the art activities in MADD week.



Revisit our work on cinquains and haikus by reading through the Lesson 2 and 3 English slides.


Have a go at writing some cinquains and haikus about a theme you are interested in! A storm seems very appropriate today.



For our final maths lesson this week, we are looking at the problem solving skill of working backwards. Access the slides and practise solving a variety of problems. Select the ones you can do and challenge yourself to do at least one of the trickier ones. Remember to consider the inverse operations of each problem; using the RUCSAC method to identify what to do is important too!



Try out this workout from Joe Wicks or make your own fitness circuit for you and family members to participate in!

Music: Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)

Please make sure you ask permission to access this from an adult.