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Below you will find the flipchart for this session as a PDF, and a video explanation by Mrs Beanland of the learning and activities. Where possible, it would be great if your child could watch the video to understand the task, however the PDF contains the information that they can read independently.

Previous Week - week beginning 4-11-21


Our new unit in Science is called Animals including Humans. In this unit we will be looking at what living things need to survive and how they age and grow. For your task this week, read through the Mrs Gren flipchart. She will help you to understand about the seven life processes. Think carefully about each one. Then have a go at the sorting task. Finally, see if you can answer the challenge questions at the end. 


We'd be very interested to know if you had any extra questions or knowledge about this topic - is there anything you would particularly like to learn about? Please let us know by email.