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Stories written by the classes during Storytelling Week

Zoe and her new friends

Written by Year 3

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Zoe. She loved flowers. So, she went into the Enchanted Forest to pick some flowers. When she was there, she saw a lion and then she saw flowers and so she ignored the lion and ran to the flowers. She realised the poor lion had hurt his paw. He had a splinter. Then Zoe got a bandage and wrapped it round its paw. Zoe then walked the lion home to her house to have some food. And the lion spilt all the cereal on the floor. After that, she took the lion up to her room. In the night, the lion woke up and accidentally spilled all the books from her shelf onto the floor and woke everybody up. The lion wanted to play minecraft with Zoe and built a mansion. Then the lion got bored and Zoe noticed that his paw was better so Zoe took him back to the enchanted forest and promised that she would check on him every day. On the way back home, she came across a volcano erupting with fire and lava and rocks. She ran back but saw some wolves and she stood still but she heard this big loud noise and it was a green dragon. But it was kind because it scared off the wolves. Zoe was still nervous of the erupting volcano, so the kind dragon grabbed a big rock and put it in the top to stop the lava coming out. The dragon then flew Zoe home and she went to bed. The next morning, she woke up and it is all a dream! But she still woke up and checked on the enchanted forest, but was it real…?

The Magical Adventure

Written by Year 4



Bob the butterfly lived in a wooden treehouse. One day, a cold blooded vampire came to visit. Bob the butterfly jumped when he saw the scary vampire. A few hours later, Bob the butterfly went to a colossal American Football stadium. The butterfly got a strawberry ice cream that was cold and delicious. Excitedly, they headed to the quiet, peaceful woods. The bloodthirsty vampire leapt all the way to a humungous tree. They were both having fun in the woods. 


After a while, they met King Oskar. He owned a lot of tablets which he worked on. On the path, they saw Iron Man’s Repuslor gloves. Eventually, they found them and then ran away with them. They then both started to skip happily instead of running. Suddenly, they skipped into the side of a gigantic volcano! All three of them ran around the dangerous volcano until they were dizzy. Over the top of the volcano, there was an exotic jungle which was full of tigers. They were walking across the path when they found Harry Potter’s wand laying on the floor. Because they were hungry, they stopped for a snack and ate a chocolate cake. It was extremely dry so they went to Tesco to buy a sugary drink. In Tesco, they went to the bakery aisle and bought some seedy bread. They quickly hid because they saw something that looked like a monster. Rapidly, they ran closer to the ginormous monster but then they fortunately realised it was only Harry Potter! Also, they realised that he had a bottle of drink in his hand. Finally, they all had a drink together and told jokes. 

The Living Book - STORY OPENING

Written by Year 5

CRASH! Books fell off the shelf, while Billy was trying to grab his favourite story. All of a sudden, lightning struck outside. The lights in the room went out. Feeling petrified, he called out, hoping that somebody would come to save him.

After a few seconds, horses hooves could be heard, but where were they coming from? Billy couldn't believe it, but they were coming from the book, he was sure of it. The book was glowing and he could see the horses galloping from page to page. Inside their chariot, no human could be seen. Through the tinted glass window, a gnome was looking out and laughing. The chariot came to a halt on a dark and mysteriously ripped page...