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Stubbington 2022 updates

Thursday 17th March:
This morning, we woke up to beautiful sunshine and clear skies which put us in a good mood! After our usual routine of breakfast and inspection, we had an egg-celent morning! We began by working in teams to complete a range of challenges such as finding a green paper clip in a patch of grass, untangling ourselves and the tower of Hanoi. We were able to earn different amounts of counters for the challenges and depending on how much help we needed. Once we had earned our counters, we visited the Egg-streme shop to spend our counters on different items that could be used to protect the egg. We had to design and make our protective cases. The egg-citing part came next as we put them in a trebuchet and launched them across the field which was very speggtacular! We counted down and watched them fly across the field. 4 out of the 5 eggs were unharmed but there was one which did not survive unfortunately. 


Lunch and another visit to the tuck shop followed this. In the afternoon, we went for a long walk along the sea shore! We could see parts of the Isle of the Wight and learnt that the body of water is called the Solent. We managed to find a range of shells including univalve and bivalve shells. The most exciting story was about how the common dog whelk eats its prey by vomiting in it! We saw a rainbow of beach huts and learnt about how they were used in Victorian times. Along the beach, there was also groynes which helped us learn about longshore drift. We were very tired by the time we got back!


After free time, we had our team challenge which was entitled 'Iceberg'. We were in teams and had to cross the water using icebergs. Over time, the number of icebergs decreased and we had to be more creative with our thinking and teamwork. 

For our evening activity, we were in teams for a big game of Pirate hide and seek across the site. We had to find the pirates who were hidden and had to check their alibis. Then, there was an exciting court scene where the culprit was revealed. One of the Norwood teams were the winner! 

We are all ready for our last night's sleep and can't believe how quickly the week has gone!

Wednesday 16th March:

After a good sleep, we were so excited to see what had visited our small mammal hotels! When we opened them, we had 3 voles! 2 of them were bank voles and one was a field vole. We named them Fluffy, Rose and Alan. We learned all about their adaptations and even had a chance to sketch them before we released them back into their habitats. After lunch and our next visit to the tuck shop, we had learned there had been an earthquake and we had to be part of a rescue team to take equipment around different obstacles. These items included a ladder, first aid kit, rations box and a shovel. We had to work together to navigate across the different obstacles, ensuring we communicated well and followed the given instructions. It was a particularly wet afternoon but we did not mind as we were so engrossed with our tasks. We had the best time!

After we had changed into dry clothes and warmed up, we had a team challenge where we created robot writers with many arms. Once again, we had to work in different groups to draw images and navigate through a maze. We had to communicate to ensure we all moved the right way and drew the lines how we wanted them. Some groups were better than others!

This evening, we had a treasure hunt round the Stubbington site where we had to use a map to find the hidden questions then explore the site to find the answers. We had fun and had to remember our teamwork skills! After supper, it was finally our turn to visit the hide! We had to stay still and quiet and as a result, we were lucky enough to spot 3 foxes and 4 badgers which was amazing! 

We are looking forward to seeing what our last full day brings!

Tuesday 15th March:

After our first night's sleep, we woke up to our first Stubbington breakfast which was amazing and set us up ready for the day! We had our first room inspection where they checked our beds had been made properly and that our wardrobes were neat and tidy. Some of us were better than others! We will be experts by the end of the week! Our first activity this morning was den building where we learnt some basic knots then worked together to make dens from the given materials. They were then tested when a storm hit that specific part of the woods! After this, we learnt how to use a compass to complete an orienteering route. We had to remember to keep it close to our bodies and follow the direction of travel. 

After lunch, we had a visit to the tuck shop where we spent some of our pocket money. The afternoon activities began by setting up small mammal hotels which we have left overnight to see if we get any visitors. We left them a warm bed, some food and some apple for them to drink from. Following this, we explored the conservation area to look for any signs that wildlife lived there. We spotted a number of holes in the ground, prints and droppings. From these clues, we had to work out which animal they belonged to. 

Our evening teamwork activity involved solving tangrams in small groups using different levels of clues. After dinner and writing in our diaries, we were treated to a talk from local photographer Dennis Bright who showed us all his amazing photos of local wildlife. It was amazing! 

We are looking forward to a good sleep and to see what visitors we have in our hotels in the morning! 

Monday 14th March:


We were all very excited to finally get to Stubbington! When we arrived, we loaded our luggage off the coach and headed to our dormitories. We began the tricky job of unpacking our clothes and organising them onto our shelves. After an introduction and practise fire drill, we had our first meal at Stubbington which was delicious! This afternoon, we headed down to the beach where we did a range of activities. We set up rockpools full of different creatures. Some of us found and included an anemone! Whilst they were settling, we did some fossil hunting where we found fossils there were 30-50 million years old! One of us was lucky enough to find a fossilised shark's tooth! We returned for our first free time before a class teamwork challenge! We had to work together to find the correct route across the tiles using our memory and communication which we found tricky! We had more food followed by writing our postcards (look out for them in the next few days) before we had a wildlife talk to get us ready for the week. We finished with supper and showers before bed. We are all excited for more activities tomorrow!