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Independent reading activity

For your independent reading activity today, we would like you please to continue to read your reading book, or a book that you are enjoying at home. If you do not have a book at home, use the link below and read the picture book.

If it is a fiction book - think about a different character that you are reading about - what are they like as a character? How do you know using their behaviour, actions or what they say? How does the author describe them? How are they different to the character that you looked at on Tuesday?

If the book is non-fiction - Can you write a list of the subject specific vocabulary that you have read (a maximum of 10 words), if the book has a glossary at the back, can you use it to find out their meanings if you aren't sure? Try to use your own words 


Maths video of flipchart Thurs

Video of English flipchart - Thursday