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Funky Fingers

You will need a bowl and a whisk. Add water to the bowl and a small amount of washing up liquid. Use the whisk to create as many bubbles as you can. Start by trying to whisk continuously for 15 seconds then build up the time as you go through the week. This exercise will help to build the muscles in your child's wrist, making it easier for them to hold a pencil and to move their wrist as they write.

English lesson 2

Thursday Phonics ur

Handwriting Practice

This week we would like you to practice the letters g and q

Below, you will find a Word document explaining how to log in to the website letterjoin.

Once logged on, you can click 'Hard Letters', then click 'g and q'.  If you have a tablet, you can also search for 'magic words' and then type in one of the letters at a time to practise.


If you cannot access the website, below is a 'large a and d' you can print off.


Alternatively, please practise these letters any way you wish - on paper, in sand, glitter or shaving foam, using chalks on your patio or any other way you can think of!

World book day my favourite book

Reading Time

Practice reading your rocket words.