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Funky Fingers


This week for Funky Fingers we would like you to peg clothes pegs around a cup.



If your child holds the pegs using a whole hand, encourage them to use two fingers (index and middle finger) and thumb. If your child uses two fingers, encourage them to use 1 finger (index finger) and thumb.

Maths Lesson 2

Extra activities:

To follow on from this challenge you may wish to complete the following activities at home:


- Make 3D shapes by using the nets on the sheet.

- Place a range of 2D and 3D shapes in front of you. Close your eyes while your grown up hides one of the shapes behind their back. Can you say the name of the shape which is missing? Take turns with your grown up to hide a shape!

Wednesday Phonics short oo


Watch the video and have a go - This activity will help your child to develop their hand eye coordination.

#ThisIsPE - Balloon blasting

Handwriting Practice

This week we would like you to practice the letters a and d

Below, you will find a Word document explaining how to log in to the website letterjoin.

Once logged on, you can click 'Hard Letters', then click 'j and y'.  If you have a tablet, you can also search for 'magic words' and then type in one of the letters at a time to practise.


If you cannot access the website, below is a 'large a and d' you can print off.


Alternatively, please practise these letters any way you wish - on paper, in sand, glitter or shaving foam, using chalks on your patio or any other way you can think of!

Teaching children how to call 999 in an emergency with Lookout Lion

Created in partnership with Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and West Midlands Ambulance Services.

999 calls

Watch the video above first

Reading Time

Please log on to Bug Club, read a book and complete the quiz at the end.