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Week 1 Home Learning Challenges

Hello Everyone,
Each week I will be posting Home Learning ideas on to Tapestry for you to do together. I very much hope that you all have fun doing them together! I can't wait to see your work uploaded on to Tapestry!


Gross Motor Challenge: See how many different ways that you can find to move around! For example, slither like a snake, take giant steps, fly like a butterfly!

Fine Motor Challenge: See how many things that you can pick up and balance on top of one another! For example, how many wooden bricks and pots you can stack!

Number Challenge: See how many numbers that you can spot around your home! For example, numbers on the microwave. You might then want to challenge yourself further by counting the number of objects you have found which have numerals on them.

Reading: Read together one of your favourite books and tell each other what you like about it!

Writing: Do some mark making together and talk about what you have written! For example, draw pictures of people who are in your family!


You might want to challenge yourself further by trying to write your name-remember to use a capital letter for the beginning of your name and then to use small letters(lower case) for the rest of it.


I would love to see any other observations of fun things that you are doing together!
Very best wishes,
Louise Edgar and all of the Pre-school Team.