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Week 2

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Penny and Jenny parrots are friends. They collect fruit together and then take home half each. Today they have collected 10 oranges, count them to check that you have 10. We are going to give the parrots half each. They need to have half of ten. Move the oranges so that they are underneath the two parrots. How many oranges does each of the parrots have? We had ten oranges altogether. There are two halves and they both have five oranges. Each half must be the same.


Repeat this activity using different numbers. The worksheets with pictures of the fruit and the parrots are available on the class pages of the school website or you can use objects from around your home.


To follow on from this challenge you may wish to complete the following activities:


• Move onto drawing instead of using objects if your child is confident with the process of halving.

Perhaps draw 2 parrots and share dots between them, drawing a dot for each parrot as you go. (See video for further details, but please ensure your child is confident with objects first.)

• Explore halving with even numbers to 20.

• Explore halving in everyday context, such as while serving dinner, sharing out some sweets or fruit at snack-time.

* Try completing the 'Bees in the Garden' worksheet below