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Week 8

At home this week we would like your child to listen to the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Discuss with them why they think the troll is grumpy every time one of the goats trip traps over the bridge? Encourage your child to think about the noise that is being made by the goats and how that might wake him up or give him a headache. Ask your children to write a letter to the troll apologising for making so much noise. Is there something the goats could do to make sure that they are quieter next time? Encourage your child to write independently using their letter sounds and thinking carefully about each word that they write. Your child may need help to remember their sentence, so practice it together a few times before writing it and remind them of the words whilst they are writing.


To follow on from this challenge you may wish to complete the following activities at home:


  • Draw a picture from the story and write speech bubbles for the characters
  • Create a bridge scene using collage materials and label the parts
  • Print off the puppets from the class pages on the school website and act out the story
  • Create a story map and use it to retell the story
  • Draw your favourite part of the story and write a sentence explaining what is happening
  • Can you write a different ending to the story?
  • Can you create a new bridge for the goats to use using things from around your home?


There are 3 Billy Goat Gruff page borders, word mats, puppets and story sequencing pictures available to download from the school website should you wish to use them to support your child.