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Week 8 Home Learning Challenges

This week's work will be based around the very popular book, " The Blue Balloon" written by Mick Inkpen.

Gross Motor: Try throwing and catching a range of soft safe objects, start with large balls from a small distance apart, then as you get better challenge yourself to stand further apart and use smaller items, e.g. piece of ribbon. Or you might want to hang up a balloon and see how many times you can bat it with a spoon in ten seconds!

Fine Motor: Continue to practice writing your name, remember to use a capital letter for the beginning of your name and to use lower case letters for the rest of your first name. You might also want to try to see how many things that you can pick up and put in a container in a minute. You have to pick up each small item one by one!

Phonics: This week we will be looking at the sounds," ck","e" " u" and "r". Try to look up the clips for these sounds on YouTube Mr Thorne does Phonics and Alphablocks.

Writing: Work together and on a piece of paper draw the plot of the story. Then use your pictures to re-tell the story together.

Speaking and Listening: Search your house for as many blue objects that you can find. Now put these items on a tray and look at them for one minute. Cover the tray with a cloth and see how many things that you can remember. You could also take it in turns to describe one of the objects and see if someone in your family can guess which object you are describing.

Maths: The balloon changed shape and size throughout the story. This week we are looking at 3D shapes. A tin of beans is a cylinder. See how many cylinders you can find in your home! You might want to then see how many spheres you can find! A pea is a sphere.

Understanding of the World: The balloon flew up in the air. How many things can you think of which are up in the sky? For example, stars and birds.

Art: Blue is one of the three primary colours. If you have some paint pour out some red, some yellow and some blue paint. See how many different colours you can make by experimenting mixing together the red, yellow and blue paints. When you have done that add in some white and see what happens. If you do not have paint then draw a large balloon shape and colour it in with as many different patterns that you can make with your pencils or pens, for example zig zag lines.

Have lots of fun with your Home Learning! I am looking forward to seeing your work uploaded on to Tapestry!
Best wishes,
Louise Edgar