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Week 9

This week your maths challenge is all about shapes! Use the activities below to explore 2D shapes (we describe these as the ‘flat’ shapes) and 3D shapes (we describe these as the ‘solid’ shapes).


Is your child able to name common 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle) and maybe trickier shapes (pentagon, hexagon, oval) when they see them?


Begin to think about the properties of the 2D shapes, thinking about how many sides and corners they have.

Is your child able to name some of the 3D shapes (cube, cylinder, cuboid, cone, pyramid, sphere)?


When talking about properties of 3D shapes, consider descriptions such as round, curved, and tall during discussions.


The activities below will support your child in naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes:


Going on a shape hunt around the house (for 2D and/or 3D shapes).


Playing “Guess the Shape”. Take turns at describing a shape (most likely 2D) in terms of sides and corners - can the other person guess (and name!) the shape you are thinking of?


Draw the 2D shapes that you know, cut them out and use these to explore their properties by sorting them in different ways. (4 sides, not 4 sides) (straight sides, curved sides)


Watch “Flatland”, a Number Blocks episode on CBeebies to support your learning about 2D shape. Draw some of the shapes and the Number Blocks from the episode.


Look on the website (under Class Pages) for some nets of 3D shapes that you can cut out and make into 3D shapes. 


Make a shape hunting tool (cut a shape out of the middle of some card or paper) to look through when searching for objects in the home.