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Week 9 Home Learning Challenges

The Best Dress Ever

Hello Everyone,
This weeks learning is based around the story, The Best Dress Ever which will be uploaded on to Tapestry for you to listen to.

Personal, Social and Emotional: In the story one of the characters had decided to make a dress to wear. His two friends helped him by making suggestions for how it could be improved. The character did not give up, he persevered until he had made a brilliant dress! Think of things that you have to persevere with! Think about how proud you felt when you managed to do them! You might want to think about the different feelings of the three characters in the story!

Mark Making: Listen to the story and draw it out as pictures. Put in as much detail as possible and try to write the names of the aliens! Also keep going with learning how to write your name! Remember that you only use a capital letter for the first letter of your name.

Speaking and Listening: Use the story pictures that you have drawn and re-tell the story in the correct order. Try to put on different voices for the three characters!

Phonics: This week we will be learning about the sounds, h, b, f and ff. Join in with learning how to say the sounds and do the actions that we use in Norwood. Also look at Mr Thorne does Phonics on YouTube for these sounds and Alphablocks!

Maths: You will be making a top or dress for either you or a cuddly to wear. Think about the size that it needs to be so that it will fit you or your cuddly! Have a go at measuring things around the house-take a piece of string and find things which are longer/shorter than the piece of string! Now use your piece of string to help you measure the top/dress that you are making!

Understanding of the World: The aliens live on a different planet to Earth. See what you can find out about Earth and Space!

Art: Make yourself a dress or a top! You could use cardboard or paper or you might want to re-use a piece of fabric! Think about how you can decorate the dress/top!

Fine Motor: Try cutting swirls to put on the dress/top.

Gross Motor: The aliens live on a planet far away! Try to do the highest jump ever to get yourself in to space! You might also want to see how far you can jump! How can you measure your jumps?

Have fun everyone!
Stay safe!
Best wishes,
Louise Edgar