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Winchester Roman Trip

To launch our topic 'How was the Roman army strong and successful?', we took a trip to Winchester to learn about the Roman history it holds. It was an incredibly rainy day but we had our waterproofs and umbrellas to stop us getting as soaked! We took the train to Winchester which was incredibly exciting and then we walked down towards the Cathedral to the Winchester City Museum. We spent the morning exploring what it had to offer. There were 3 floors, each with different artefacts, tasks and information. The top floor had all the Roman information and artefacts. We got to see Roman coins, mosaics and pottery. We learned a lot about how they lived, realising there were quite a few similarities as well as differences. On the middle floor, it was based around the Saxon period (useful for our Summer term topic)! We got to see different metal artefacts and even got to try on some Saxon style clothing. The bottom floor was where our workshop with Ross was. We got to handle a real Roman artefact! We had to pass it round, describing how it felt and looking for clues about what it could be, just like an archaeologist! We realised it was a Roman pot that would not be used for carrying objects for a long distance as there wasn't any handles!


After lunch, we got to go on a tour of Winchester led by Mrs Godwin who gave us lots of information about the Roman remains that we can still see today!


Overall, we had a fantastic day and learnt lots about the Romans, including how they used to live right on our doorstep! Despite getting soaked early on, we dried up and had lots of fun!