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Y3 Lisbon Class Mrs Avendano / Mrs Phillips



Welcome to Lisbon Class!

Lisbon class is taught by Mrs Avendano (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Phillips (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and our LSA is Mrs. Mason.


Our PE day is Monday, so please ensure that you come into school dressed in your PE kit on this day. You may wear dark coloured tracksuit bottoms over the top of your PE shorts on colder days.


Our theme this year is capital cities and we have chosen this vibrant and cultural city as our class name this year.


This page will be updated regularly with the things that we have been doing in school along with things that will support your child's learning. Be sure to come back and see what we've been up to.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch through the school office via email or phone call.

Mrs Avendano and Mrs Phillips.

Updates on our learning!




Last week, the children in Y3 went to Stonehenge. It was a dry day and the children were very excited! On the coach journey on the way there we saw lots of barrows (where the Stone Age and Bronze Age people burried their dead). When we got there, we saw the impressive new exhibition centre. Lisbon Class went straight off to see the stones and what a sight they were! Far bigger than anything that we expected! We were able to see the huge Sarsen stones (or what was left) and the smaller Bluestones which were on the inside in a horseshoe shape. As we walked around, we saw the ditch which we knew had been dug out using antlers and the impressive Heel stone which is where the sun rises and alligns through the stone circle itself. On the stones, we could just make out the stone joints where the lintels were lifted into place! Utterly amazing.

In the afternoon, Lisbon Class visited the impressive exhibition and saw the 360 degree story of Stonehenge over the last 4500 years. We then went outside and took part in a workshop with some Stone Age experts. We had to sort items from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age before we went to visit the Stone Age houses - gosh, they were very different to our houses now! They used lots of leather from animals for their everyday items. Next, we went to go and see how the stones were moved into place. There was an impressive wagon like vehicle (without wheels!) where the huge stones were rolled across logs - each time, the people moving them would have needed to move the logs back to the front in order to keep the stone moving forward. Here, we were taught some of the reasons why the experts think Stonehenge was built here. Finally, we went to build our own Stonehenge circle as we pretended to be stones before having a fabulous class photo in front of a replica Sarsen Stone. The day was brilliant and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Our art printing unit


Over the course of this term, the children have been looking at printing using their hands, string and carving a lino print in order to recreate a Stone Age scene. They have loved doing this and wanted to share some of their final work with you!