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Y5 Hockney Class Mrs Beanland/Mrs David

Welcome to Hockney Class!

This year, the theme for the class names is Artists. Our Year 5 class chose David Hockney because he creates colourful, bold pictures that captured our imaginations.  You are welcome to come and see our versions in our classroom! 


We will update this page regularly and we hope you will return to see all the things that we have been up to in Year 5.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to pop in and have a chat or get in touch through the office.


Mrs David and Mrs Beanland

Your Poems


Thank you so much for all the e-mails and pictures you have been sending us. Please keep them coming as we love to see the work you have been producing and the different things that you have been getting up to.

This week we turn from our sports week to a week full of talent. Do you have a special talent that you would like to share with us? Perhaps you can play a musical instrument? Or can you sing us a song? Whether you can make us laugh, dance, do a gymanastics routine or non-stop keepie-uppies we would love to hear from you! In the place of our usual talent contest, we are having to hold a virtual one this year, and are encouraging all pupils of Norwood School to send us in their photos or videos of their special talents. We know you are a talented bunch Year 5, probably even more so after lockdown, so we are really looking forward to seeing what you can do!


As usual, you will find your weekly English and Maths activities in our Curriculum Activities folder, with a few Guided Reading tasks and a spelling bingo challenge.


Have another great week and don't forget that if you have any questions or want to show us any of your work or adventures, please e-mail us at and we will get back to you.


Take care of yourselves.

Love from your Year 5 teachers xx

Some useful bits of information

Home learning is set on a Wednesday and due back in the following Monday.


Our PE days are Monday (Indoor) and Friday (Outdoor). Please make sure your children have suitable clothes for the cold weather. All children must have a change of clothes for PE.



Year 5 Curriculum Meeting notes