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Y6 Lichtenstein Class Miss Wildman



Happy Summer Holidays my wonderful bunch of humans!


It was so lovely to see so many of you at the picnic on Friday, seeing you all back together really did warm my heart and put a massive smile on my face. You all looked so happy and healthy and that is all I can wish for you!


Who would have thought back in July last year when we first met one another, that this is how we would be saying goodbye?! But what a year we have had. And I am so proud of how you have handled what this year has brought your way. Not how any of us would have wanted to end this year, but I hope that spending time together really helped bring a memorable year to a close.


I hope you have all received your leavers assembly, if you haven't, they're in the office waiting for you! I hope, parents, you have cried too many tears during it, and children you have been annoyed at your parents for sharing such embarrassing photos of you laugh I personally loved seeing them. The year R song was a personal highlight.


When I get into school next week and have a moment in between working in year 4, I will add the photos of the picnic to the photo section below so you can enjoy your last memories that couldn't make it into the assembly.


If you want to keep busy through the holidays, I have added a subfolder below - 'Summer tasks' - for you to rummage though. There is no expectation with these, but I know some of you like to keep busy. I will add the answers too so you can check these after, if you wish.


It feels very weird writing this, but enjoy the next 6 weeks, because September will be here soon and your parents will be harassing you once again for "first day of secondary school" photos. While you're glaring at them in your oversized blazer, shiny school shoes and your ties (good luck with those by the way) thinking, "STOP EMBARRASING ME!!". Take some time to recover and rest. If you're going away camping, glamping or Alton Towering I hope you have the best time and remember to embrace whatever comes your way!


But until we meet again,

I send you so much love and hugs!

See some of you soon.

Look after each other.

Miss Wildman.xxxheart


YEET (I hope I used that right yes)

Welcome to Litchenstein Class!

This year, the theme for our class names is artists and we picked Litchenstein who is one of the most famous artists of the 'Pop Art' movement. 

We will regularly update this class page and we hope that you come back regularly to see what we've been up to.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to pop in and have a chat or get in touch with the office.


                                                                                                Miss Wildman 

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Some useful bits of information

Home learning is set on a Wednesday and due back in the following Monday.


Our PE days are Monday (Indoor) and Wednesday (Outdoor). Please make sure your children have suitable clothes for the cold weather. All children must have a change of clothes for PE.


As you know, Year 6 will be going to Marwell Activity Centre in July 2020. We are all looking forward to the visit and would love every member of Litchenstein Class to come (see Miss Wildman or Mrs Curtis for more details).


If you have any questions, Miss Wildman and Mrs Curtis will be happy to help discuss these with you at the start or end of the day.