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Meet the Staff


Rosemary Diskin

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Inclusion

Deputy Headteacher 

Charlotte Avendano

Deputy Safeguarding Lead, English


Deputy Headteacher

Diana Massa

Deputy Safeguarding Lead,  Data & Assessment



Jenny Fisk

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Our Staff Team


Early Years 

Abbey McPhail Year R Leader (EAL & PDL)

YR - Sarah Rogers (Science)


Clare Coxon (LSA)

Emma Kenney (LSA)

Hannah Rowe (LSA)


Louise Edgar Pre-School Leader (HAT)

Chantelle Hooper (Pre-School Practitioner)

Lisa Fairney (Pre-School Practitioner)

Chloe Daniels (Pre-School Practitioner)

Cheryl Bentley (Pre-School Practitioner)




Jenna Halligan - KS1 Leader ( Y2 Class Teacher & KS1 English)


Y1 - Rachel Rogers (Science)     

Y1 - Olivia Hockham

Lesley Scott (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)

Lesley Harrod (LSA - ELSA)

Kayleigh Cree (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time) (Currently on maternity leave)

Callum Giles (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor)


Y2 - Louise Mole (Maths)

Rachel Voaden (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)

Jo Mason (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/t)

Hannah Hurst (LSA 1:1 & Lunchtime Supervisor)




Lauren Harding - Lower KS2 Leader (Y4 Class Teacher & Geography)


Y3 - Anna Marie Le Page (Music) &  Natalie Knight (Computing)  

Y3 - Charlotte Burbridge

Val Daniels (LSA)
Helen Brown (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)


Y4 - Emma Bennett (History)

Kate Balogh (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)

Agnieszka Lester (LSA)

Maire Sewell (LSA 1:1 & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)


Y5 - Liz Beanland (Art & DT) & Jo David (History)

Y5 - Eli Plaza-Booth (MFL and Art)


Arpana Mukha (LSA)

Lucy Gill (LSA 1:1 & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)


Y6 - Lucy Neyroud (Reading)

Y6 - James Ledgerwood (Computing)


Sue Curtis (LSA & P.E.)

Katie Prieto (LSA & Lunchtime Supervisor p/time)


Helen Patten (PPA cover teacher p/time)

Natalie Dawson (Maths Leader p/time) 

Kirsty Phillips (R.E., teacher p/time)


Assistant SENCO & Inclusion

Rachel Hopkins


Office Team

Carol Francis - Business Manager (part time) 
Nicky Rowles - Finance Officer 

Leanne Hobbs - Administrative Assistant (Pre-School)

Leanne McNamara - Administration Officer


Lunchtime Team


Bev Harman - Senior Supervisor

Tracy Purkiss

Lorna Robinson

Megan Scanlan

Kevin Lowth

Maya Todorova
Rachael Voaden

Helen Brown

Kayleigh Cree (currently on maternity leave)

Katie Prieto

Lesley Scott

Jo Mason

Hannah Hurst

Lucy Gill

Callum Giles


Breakfast Club Team

Leanne Hobbs

Chantelle Hooper

Kevin Lowth


Site & Cleaning Team


Nathan Marsh -  Site Manager 

Rajinda Chahal

Dan Oakden

Maya Todorova