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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

School Day

7.45am                        Breakfast club
8.40am                        Doors open, Early Morning Activity in class
8.50am                       Registration

9.00am                       Whole School Assembly (Wednesday and Friday)

                                   Key Stage Assemblies (Tuesday and Thursday)

9.10am                       Session 1
10.00am                     Whole School Assembly (Mondays)

10.25am                      Break

10.40am                      Session 2
12.00 noon                  Lunch
1.00pm                        Registration
1.05pm                        Session 3
2.00pm - 2.15pm       YR & KS1 break
2.05pm                        Session 4 - KS2
2.15pm                        Session 4 - KS1
3.05pm                       End of day YR 

3.10pm                      End of day KS1 

3.15pm                       End of day Y3, 4 & 5

3.20pm                       End of day Y6

3.15pm/3.30pm         After school clubs start
3.15pm - 5.45pm        Sprouts After School Club