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Phonics Videos

You can use these videos to practise your sounds at home. You could say the sounds along with Mrs Rogers, or put the videos on mute to practise saying the sounds on your own. 


The videos are as follows:


Phase 2 sounds - the first sounds we learnt in Year R, the orange sounds on the top of your sound mat. 


Phase 3 sounds - the second set of sounds that we learnt in Year R, partly via remote learning. We practise these a lot in Year One. They are the purple ones on the sound mat. 


Phase 5 sounds - the first 6 sounds that we have begun learning in Year One. Keep practising these as they sound the same as sounds that we already know, but look different. 


**Phase 4 is made up of no new sounds (therefore there is no Phase 4 video here). Phase 4 practises using known sounds for trickier words such as tent, bend, stop, spin and 2 syllable words such as wind/mill and lunch/box.**

Phase 2 Phonics

Phase 3 Phonics

Phase 5 Phonics