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Practising spellings from home


Here are some suggested activities for spelling work each day:


Mon – test on last week's words.  This would normally be done on a Tuesday in school but we felt it was easier to start the week this way whilst at home!  We would love to hear via email how they scored.


Tue - play some of the following games to practise your phonics.

Then sound button your new spelling words for the week.


Phonics play is once again free for the duration of lockdown 

User: jan21

Password: home

Wed – practise writing the words on whiteboards, or on a lap top, or paper, maybe even in sand of shaving foam!

Thu – choose a spelling strategy for practising the words, e.g. rainbow writing, pyramid writing, throwing and catching a ball as they say each letter.  Have a look at the ideas below.

Fri – If an adult is available - dictate sentences for the children to write containing the spellings

Weekly spelling lists