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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Rewards and Achievements

At Norwood Primary and Pre-school, we celebrate achievements in many different ways.  This could be for effort in class, behaviour around the school and academic progress.  Please look at the information below to find out more:


At Norwood we like to recognise success in all areas for children.  In our special Friday assembly, every class teacher chooses one child who has stood out in their learning during the week by using their learning heroes to persevere, make links, work as a team or to be reflective. We also recognise those children who have stood out as being good role models in their behaviour and decision making.

Excellent Stickers and Badges

Children work hard to earn the Excellent Badges.  Pieces of work that stand out and show excellent effort, understanding or improvement can be awarded with an "Excellent."  Children need to earn 5 "Excellents" in order to receive their Excellent Badge.  Parents and family members are then invited to our celebration assembly to see their child being presented with their badge - a very proud moment for all who watch!

Good News Note and Stickers

Good News Notes are given to Key Stage 2 pupils who have shown good attitudes within school throughout the day. They have worked their way up the behaviour chart by making good decisions in relation to their behaviour and/or their learning. The note is shared with parents. In Key Stage 1, pupils who end the day on the sunshine get a sticker to show their parents.

House Points

These are given for manners, politeness and good behaviour in and around school, particularly on the playground. They can also be awarded to individuals within the classroom for good behaviour or to reward children’s work. A tally is kept and the winning house is announced at the end of term with a special treat!

Class Points

These are given to the whole class for showing good learning behaviours or a good attitude in the classroom – showing that they are ready for learning, lining up quietly and any other good behaviour in the classroom, around the school or when on a trip. Every time the class reaches 150 class points, they get a reward such as additional playtime, time to play games or an art activity, amongst many others!

Our Attendance Cup

As part of our ongoing Attendance reward initiatives, the class with the best weekly attendance is awarded our prestigious attendance cup. At our weekly award assemblies, the children excitedly learn which class is in the lead to win the cup. At the end of each term, the class with the best attendance overall for that term is rewarded with some special time of their choice. This might be an afternoon of sports or art activities or a visit in the local area. It is keenly fought each term! Both the cup and termly reward have proved to be a great motivators for each class. It also supports collaboration and encourages the children to be like one of our Learning Heroes, Collaborator.

100% Attendance Award

Each term the children who get 100% attendance will get a reward and those who have 100% attendance across the entire year will have a very special treat.