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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Growth Mindset and BLP Learning Heroes

At Norwood Primary School we pride ourselves on fostering a "Growth Mindset" within both the adults and children within our school community. Growth Mindset is the belief that anybody is able to train themselves to learn any new skill or knowledge, and that individuals are not limited by their "natural talents".


As a school community we are aware that language is powerful, and we use this as a tool to help us foster a Growth Mindset within our setting. When a child, or adult is heard voicing points of view that reflect a Fixed Mindset (as shown on the left hand side of the diagram below), the use of positive language is modelled and used to support them, as demonstrated by the alternative Growth Mindset comments (on the right hand side).


We actively promote discussions regarding how it feels when you face a task that is unfamiliar or challenging in all aspects of everyday life, and use the analogy of the "Learning Pit" to help us to visualise and articulate the experience.


At Norwood we believe that our BLP (Building Learning Power) Learning Heroes live in the Learning Pit, and help us to consider the strategies and tools that we might need to work our way out of it and solve the problem!

Norwood BLP Learning Heroes