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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Respect for each other

Mutual respect is at the core of our school life. In developing class charters at the beginning of each year, children learn about the importance of respecting each other and the responsibilities they must take on to do this effectively. The children learn to treat each other and staff with great respect. This is evident when walking around Norwood and outside in the wider community. In the Autumn term, children take part in a collaboration week which promotes children’s respect for each other through a variety of team working activities.

We are an inclusive school and through our Young Interpreters, (pupils who have volunteered to help children who have just arrived at the school with none or little  English) we ensure that children not only feel welcome in our school but understand the values and ethos of the school. This promotes not only the values of our school but also of the country as a whole, as democracy, tolerance and rule of law are central to the schools’ vision.