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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Building Learning Power

At Norwood our school community has devoted considerable time to researching, discussing and defining what constitutes as excellent learning. We believe excellent learning consists of the following:
  • Excellent learning ‘learning to learn’ is a lifelong journey.
  • Excellent learning is being able to problem solve, investigate and apply what has been discovered.
  • Excellent learning looks to the future and reflects on the past.
  • Excellent learning is challenging, relevant, connected and fun.
  • Excellent learning is doing real things for real purposes.
  • Excellent learning occurs by using all the senses in a range of different situations, environments and groupings.
  • Excellent learning involves the nurturing of self-worth.

Our aim at Norwood is to ensure that all learning is centred around these statements. Learning that encompasses these ideals will ensure that children make rapid progress and attain fully. We believe it is a right for all children to be literate and numerate to the highest standards. We believe it is our duty to ensure that all our children have a hunger for learning and have the skills to learn effectively. We think it is essential that all children are taught how to become more efficient learners.

To teach and develop learning skills we have become a 'Learning Powered School' and are teaching the children learning habits and skills based on the research of Professor Guy Claxton. He believes that there are four broad areas of learning skill which he terms: Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity.

At Norwood we have developed four super heroes who have special skills and attributes in each of these areas. The children are taught to behave like the super heroes and to use their super powers to become an improved learner. Pictures of our Norwood super heroes are at the bottom of this page. If you would like to find out more about the specific habits and skills that we teach for each super hero, please ask you child's class teacher.